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英语单词grow up怎么造句

现在完成时:I have already grown older than before.比起以前,我已经长大了.现在进行时:We are growing now.我们现在正在成长.过去式:The tree grew a big tree last year.这棵树在去年长成大树了.(以上就是我的回答,希望您能满意,还望采纳,谢谢!!!)

I grow up in the country!


I want to be a pianist when I grow up. 我长大后想当一名钢琴家.All plants like to grow up toward the sunlight. 所有的植物都喜欢朝着阳光向上长.

1.grow upJim grows up in a happy good forVegetables are good for our glad to I am glad to see upThey built up lots of buildings ready for Get ready for the exams please.6.stand forBlue stands for sadness.

He had a good dream last night.I have a dream that one day i will be a translator.He told me what his dream was.This is the time when we dream.Everyone has his own dream.i would like to be a secretary in the future.Your are so excellent a secretary

tense:a.拉紧,n.时态.[造句]:以[时态]为例,表示动作或状态的有三种基本态三种完成态:(1)现在时态:i write home once a month 我每月给家里写一封信.(2)过去时态:i wrote home yesterday 我昨天给家里写了信.(3)未来时态:i shall

1.The paper is burning.那张纸正在燃烧.2.Your bedroom is very mess,you should clean it.你的卧室很乱,你需要整理一下.3.We are growing up.我们正在成长.4.He send me a

She grew up in the Beijing suburbs.她成长在北京郊区.

bring up 养育 提出 谈到 造句:Many woman still take career breaks to bring up the children.意思:仍然有很多女性为了养育孩子而离职 满意的话 望采纳 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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