On behalf of the students you teacher initiative to save energy from you and me to start

无车日与环保 One possible version: Car-free Day was launched in our city and 107 other cities on September 22, to encourage people to take public transport, ride bicycles or walk instead of driving private cars. The campaign has gained much

In the college canteen, you had to eat a few mouthfuls of bread thrown on the table? Whether to eat a few mouthfuls of food drained? The students students will partner management survey found that on average five students have a half-bowl too

对于节约精神的提倡.------- the advocation / adcocacy of being economic

But now the deterioration of the environment and energy gradually reduce, we should try our best to save and protect resources, for example, as riding a bicycle or go to school on foot, then

全院师生: 空空的房间依然开着灯、无人使用的水龙头依然流着水……也许这并未牵动您的思绪.举手之劳大家可能未曾重视,但积少成多,聚沙成塔!节约已经成为当今社会流行的理念. 学院是我们的大家,作为教育工作者和新时代的大学


I represent the student union. We advise students how to have a healthy and happy Spring Festival. Students should remember: When in Rome, do as Romans do. We should understand some traditional customs, such as having family reunion

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