now i am looking for a cat. its name is miaomiao. it is a white slim cat. it has a long tail and a big mouth. it has two little ears and big round eyes. as for some other information:it was two years old. it likes to eat mice and fish. it also like sleeping all

Lost I lost a yellow handbag in the school libraty yesterday.There are the keys to my bedroom and my bike,my student ID card,pens and some money in the small bag.These things are very important to me.Whoever finds it,I whish he/she would be

Lost I am a student of grade nine of ** No.Five Middle School.Because of my carelessness,I lost my purse when I was having breafast at the school canteen this morning.It is black.There was a chain of keys,my ID card some money and some other

LOST A pen. Please cao Michael. Phone:123456789 Thank you!

Lost Notice LOST:Oxford.Advanced.Learner's.English-Chinese.Dictionary TIME: On the evening, 26th Oct.PLACE: Reading room of the library; CONTACT: Yu Lin If anybody finds it, please give it to me or my class monitor.I'm in class one, senior one .Thank you. 27th Oct.

Last-found I am Wang Xiaoxiao,I am in Class three,Grade nine.On the eleventh day of May,I have lost a red bookbag in the Reading Room.There is a MP4,a pencilcase,two English books and the keys of my bicycle.Now I am very worried about it.I

lost i lost my cellphone on the shool playground due to my carelessness. it is a red, and its brand is motorola the reciever is expected to contact me at 139181818. i quite appreciate for your kind help! thanks a lot.

Wanted A red bag was lost in school! It is a big backpack which has a student id card and a few books inside. Anybody saw it please help me to ring this number 201-7491, lily. I will very appreciated for your kindness, and you will be awarded with a gift from me.Thank you.

notice of looking for a school bagmy blue school bag, in which has some books and different kinds of stationery, was lost on playground. please contact me if you find it or have any message of it. thoudsands times thanks for you!here comes my phone number: 82345066Steven

Seeking I am Zhao Xin,the student of Class Three,Grade Nine in No.Five Middle School.For my carelessness,I lost my purse when I was having breafast in the school canteen this morning.It is black.There are a chain of keys,my ID card,several | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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