All from one.(一切尽在掌握) xingstar_

Everything is under control. 注意everything是一个词以及control的拼写啊~~

All in control

everything is under my control.

一切在我掌握之中. Everything is in my hands 一切在我掌握之中. Everything is in my hands

Everything is in hand. 哪来的 “my”?

Everything is at your/ my /his/her fingertips。 表示:一切尽在手指间;一切尽在掌握。

如果是广告语,越简练越好的话,可以说 EasierSoft. Be in control. Nothing is的句式有抄Nothing is impossible / impossible is nothing的嫌疑。

we are waiting for you! 简单易懂,又有约会感,这样就好。

I have already made everything prepared to fight with all of me . ```````````````````````````````````````` 答案有帮助还望及时采纳、谢谢、 祝学习进步、

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