已经存在 Already exists 或者 has been exists

"该名称已经存在", "The name already exists", 重点词汇释义 名称name (of a thing or organization); designation; nomenclature; definition; apellation 已经already 存在exist; existence; be

存在’应该是主动,existing issues,不是用existed这样的被动形式 改变的状况,用changing condition和changed condition都可以,但意思有所不同,changing condition强调情况不断变化,用于泛指;而changed condition强调情况已经变化,说的是...

If that person has been appeared in the world, others would have been makeshifts. However, I'm unwilling to accept.将就在英语中没有动词,所以无法像原句一样用同一个词

莎士比亚在哈姆雷特里有一句经典to be or not to be 翻译就是生存还是毁灭

I memorize new words. 我背单词。 I have a hard time for memorizing words. 我背单词都背怕了。 My English lesson is boring, the teacher always asks us to recite words. 我的英语课很无聊,老师总叫我们背单词。 Professor Li: Actually...

If that person ever appeared, anyone else would just be a compromise. I don’t want to compromise.

浩瀚无垠 翻译成英文是:vastness vastness 英[vɑ:stnəs] 美[ˈvæstnɪs] n. 巨大,广阔; [例句]Transportation has conquered the vastness of the land and brought together people living thousands of kilometers apart....

Actually.It's a mistake for me to exist…

Previously, I care so you exist... Now, you are once again let me down ~

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