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找一首英文歌,是女声,好像其中有一句是I never wanna see you unhappy

歌名:Almost Lover 歌手:A Fine Frenzy 作曲 : Alison Sudol 作词 : Alison Sudol Your finger tips across my skin,你的指尖轻滑过我的肌肤 The palm trees swaying in the wind, in my chase.棕榈树在风中翩翩起舞 You sang me Spanish lullabies

almost lover歌手:a fine frenzy 专辑:one cell in the sea [ti:almost lover][ar:a fine frenzy][al:one cell in the sea]我们相爱一年了,oh,yeahyour fingertips against my skinthe palm trees swaying in the wind in my chaseyou sang me spanish lullabiesthe

是这个吗?郭采洁《I remember 》

是这个吗 crossfade - so far away I'm so far away I've been changin' but you'll never see me now I'm so far away Now I'm blaming you for everything求采纳

有可能是lily allen 的friday night don't try and test me cos you'll get reaction,不要来试探我 不然会让你自作自受的 another drink and i'm ready for action,喝了两杯我准备行动了这两句

I Never Wanna Live Without You 歌手:mary j. blige 专辑:my life Can't live without you (Can't live without you) Can't live without you, baby (Ohhh) Can't live without you (Chorus) I never wanna live without you baby I wanna be your lady Love is sooo

I never I never Don't wanna make you said I never wanna make you lie I never wanna see you cry(verse 1) Shadows in your eyes Your smile is colored black You don't need someone who never saw your empty life I never made you smile I

底下那两个回答太西乱了!! 是beautiful soul jesse mccartney唱的! 这个以前我超喜欢的说~ 附带歌词也给你好了~ i don t want another pretty face i don t want just anyone to hold i don t want my love to go to waste i want you and your beautiful

just one last dance 男女合唱的. 是挺悲的一首歌.不过貌似没有你说的这句.. 可以听听看.

听你说的很像never had a dream come true 下面是歌词,你看看 Oooh-oooh Everybody's got something They had to leave behind One regret from yesterday That just seems to grow with time There's no use looking back or wondering (Or wondering

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