好像是这个吧..:namely要是词组是:in other words

live live可用作定语,放在表示物的名词之前,一般不指人.意思为"活的,有生命的".live作动词时可组成短语live a life,过一种的生活,除了后面跟同源宾语life外,一般作不及物动词.如:We are living a happy life. life 就是名词"生活" 附

One possible student version Planning Is Good,But Doing Is Better Planning is good as it decides in detail how we do.(高分句型一)However,a plan can bear no fruit without being actually carri

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>Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass which means that everyone should have his own aim and follow the aim to achieve his dream in

I will love you for ever/I will love you for the rest of my life 前者用的更多!

脸皮厚: 1. have a thick skin2. have a thick hide3. have a thin skin4. brazen 当政客得脸皮厚.you need a thick skin to be a politician. you've got a ruddy nerve!你脸皮真厚!you have a lot of nerve.脸皮真厚.that child is a damn sight too cheeky.这

learning is ere of the mind . (学问是心灵的慧眼.)

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