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1,They're my good friends(改为一般疑问句)()()...

1. They're my good friends(改为一般疑问句)(Are )(they)(your)good friend? 2、This is her pen(改为同义句)This pen(is)(her) 3、Those are his sister(改为单数句)(Is that )his(sister) 4、green,yours,is,the,jacket(?)(连词成句) ...

They are my good friends. 一般疑问句Are they my good friends? 否定句They aren't my good friends.

is grace your good friend


Do they have a good time? Do they have a big dinner at Christmas?

Is this your good friend? No, he/she isn't

原句: Gina is my good friend. 吉娜是我的好朋友。 改一般疑问句: Is Gina your good friend? 吉娜是你的好朋友吗? 改特殊疑问句: Who is Gina? 吉娜是什么人?

1.Are we good friends? 2. We are good friends./We are not good friends.3.Who are good friends?

Are you going to say goodbye to your friends? 你要去跟你的朋友们说再见吗? 如有疑问,请追问!

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . Are Lele and Peter good friends?

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