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give away

give away 暴露 双语对照 词典结果:give away [英][iv wei][美][v we] 泄露; 失去; 赠送; (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Below you can see the official tweet where apple outs the ipad give away. 下面你能看到苹果在官方微博里翻出赠送ipad的宣言.

vi. 赠送;送出;背叛;泄露 例句 用作不及物动词 (vi.) He would rather give away a point than claim an advantage.他宁愿送分数,也不愿要求利益.词汇搭配 give oneself away 泄露 give the show away 露出马脚(泄露秘密 give away the

give away1. 送掉;赠送;分发(奖品):John gave all his possessions away and became a monk.约翰把他所有的家产都送了人,出家为僧.We have invited a famous actor to give away the prizes.我们邀请了一位著名演员颁发奖品.2. (有意

go away: vt. 离开(走掉) i wish he'd go away; i can't stand the sight of him. 我希望他离开,我讨厌这个家伙. be away: 离开 in all likelihood, we shall be away for a week. 我们很可能离开一个星期. stay away from: 离远点,躲避 tell him to

give away 泄露; 失去; 赠送; (在婚礼仪式中)将新娘交给新郎 网 络 赠送;泄露;分发;捐赠 give out 分发; 公布; 停止运行; 停止起作用

give away主要是赠送,人对人,大多是单个的.give out是分发,大多是一个对多个,比如give out papers

give away ['giv,wei] 基本翻译 放弃;泄露;分发;出卖 网络释义 give away:泄露 | 赠送 | 分发1. PHRASAL VERBIf you give away something that you own, you give it to someone, rather than selling it, often because you no longer want it. 赠送 例

1.he never give away his feelings give away sth 出卖…… 2.he never give away to disappointment give away to sth 对……屈服,让步于……

give way 这里翻译成放弃吧 因为当汉字出现在我头面前时我真的什么都不会,差点就放弃了 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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