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in common

in common 英 [in kmn] 美 [n kmn] adv.共有; 同 【例句】1. he had very little in common with his sister.他和姐姐几乎没有什么共同语言.2. we happened to discover we had a friend in common.我们凑巧发现我们有一个共同的朋友

in common 英 美 共同的;共有的 是介词短语,一般做状语.例句:But one thing all adults have in common is they made it through puberty. 但是所有成年人共有的一件事,就是他们都经历过青春期.But there might be other things they shared in common with us. 但他们和我们在其他方面或许有共同之处.希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!

in common 共有的 in common 共用的,共有的 in conclusion 最后,总之 on condition (that) 如果 in consequence of 由于…的缘故,因为 on the contrary 正相反 共用的 in common 共用的,共有的 in conclusion 最后,总之 on condition (that)

in common with 其实就是in common的用法之一!意思是“与……有共同之处”例如:you are in common with me.我们俩志趣相投. in the same后面是要加名词的,表示“在同一个……”.

in common adv.副词词性

in common共用,共有,共同; 共用的,共有的 I have nothing in common with Jane. 我和简毫无共同之处. We have something in common. 我们有许多相同之处.

in common 共有的、共同的.

( have ) in common ( with) 1.与…有共同处, 和…一样 they are brothers, but they have nothing in common.Their views have much in common with mine.2. in common 公用,共有 Real friends should have everything in common.Mr. and Mrs. Smitn own the store in common.

共同的;共有的 Those two have something in common. 两者有共同之处.

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