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parents book

parents book 的读音 parents 音标:英['pernts] 美['pernts] book 音标:英[bk] 美[bk]

One day, I found a book in a bookstore for parents to use book, the book is given

英 ['pernts] 美 ['pernts] n. 双亲( parent的名词复数 ) 网 络 父母; 家长; 父母亲; 亲1. his parents went through an acrimonious divorce. 他的父母在激烈争吵中离了婚.来自《权威词典》2. his parents won't allow him to stay out late. 他

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one day, i found a book intending for parents in a bookstore. it gives advices on children's behave, respect to others, it also refers to the parents and children who have gained great achievement with its support. i think it's a good book worthwhile reading.

你的朋友们会擦窗户吗?Can your friends clean the windows 父母周末经常去书店吗?Do your parents often go to the bookshop/ bookstore on weekend 是的,他们经常去

like 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

翻译如下我偶然在一家书店发现这本书的I found the book by chance in a bookstore

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