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we to see next go month will you连词成句

We can go to the zoo next time. 请采纳

the,tou,to,Great Wall,go,can 连词成句 You can go to the Great Wall Can you go to the Great Wall?你能去长城吗?

您好!答案为:You can go next time.。希望能帮到您!强烈希望您能采纳!您的采纳是我们为您提供正确答案最大的动力与鼓励!

You will go to the zoo

We will go to the Great Wall. 我们将要去长城。 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢。

I'll go to Nanjing to see you。 【Me YC真诚为你解答此题,若有疑问请及时追问,满意望及时选为满意回答】

can h o w we to go shang hai连词成句 How can we go to Shanghai?

we can go to bus stop on foot.

1. How do you go to school? 2. I usually go home on foot. 3. Look at the traffic lights. 4. How can I get to the park? 5. You can go by the No. 15 bus.

Go straight and you can see a restaurant. 一直走,你会看到一家餐馆。

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