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we to see next go month will you连词成句

We will go to see you next month.

You will go to the zoo

how do you go to Canada

1. How do you go to school? 2. I usually go home on foot. 3. Look at the traffic lights. 4. How can I get to the park? 5. You can go by the No. 15 bus.

we can go to bus stop on foot.

can h o w we to go shang hai连词成句 How can we go to Shanghai?

It is cool and you can go outside.

1·、It is time to go to the zoo. 2/Jack usually has dinner at seven o'ccock at home in the evening.

together+going+we+'re+to+go+skating连词成句 We're going to go skating together

when he will go home

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