with 介词 prep. 1.与一起,偕同,和She lives with her son. 她和儿子住在一起. 2.带着;有的 The girl with long hair is my classmate. 长头发的女孩是我同学. 3.以(手段、材料),用(工具) My American friend is learning to eat with

I'm going to shopping with my friends this Sunday.我星期天准备和朋友去逛街.With his help,I made great progress in English.在他的帮助之下,我的英语取得了很大的进步

I play with my friends in the playground.I play with them happily.friends , them, playground = 名词 in = 介词 happily = 副词

有很多句形可以套用啊!那我就随便说几句好了. I enjoy a wonderful time with my friends. 我和朋友们度过了一段美好的时光. With Lily's help,he makes a great progress on his study.在Lily的帮助下,他的学习有了很大的进步

With his help,I passed the exam.

1,I like to play with you.我喜欢和你一起玩.2,The The girl with eyes is Lulu.这个大眼睛女孩是露露.With,有很多意思和用法,有和某人一起,有,具有,起伴随作用

介词with的复合结构,常见形式及用法: 1、with+现在分词 They started working with the machine running. 2、with+过去分词 He is used to sleeping with the window closed. 3、with+不定式(to do) With a lot of homework to do,Tom cann't go out

with: You must do the work with more care.without: The day passed without accident.和就:小明只要和小狗在一起,就感觉浑身不自在.

你好!With a red coat on,she looks beautiful.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

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