the Great Wall 长城;万里长城 例句 Love the Chinese nation, repair the Great Wall.; Love China, Repair the Great Wall. The British stunt man Eddie Kidd jumped over the Great Wall of China on a motorcycle.

长城的英语是the Great Wall,详细信息如下: the Great Wall 【词典】长城;万里长城 例句: He who doesn't reach the Great Wall is not a true man. 不到长城非好汉。

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Great Wall n. 长城,中国长城计算机集团公司,从事PC开发和生产的国有大型企业 词典 [地名] [南极洲] 长城站

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a picture of the Great Wall a photo of the Great Wall 例句 I have a a photo of the Great Wall. 我有一张长城的照片。

My favourate place My favourate place is the Great Wall. It is more than ten thousand kilometers,like a long dragon flying among the mountains,which is the most famous interest of China.It is a symbol of Chinese civilization, h...

The Great Wall runs across North China like a huge dragon, It winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea. It's the longest wall on the earth, also one of th...

The Great Wall

哈弗是长城汽车定位为CUV车型(City Ultility Vehicle),其中文意思是指城市多功能车, 05年哈弗英文名为“HOVER”,代表“自由翱翔”。由于06年开始批量出口欧盟,在国际市场有了一定影响,原来的英文名字已被很多国家注册。只好重新寻找了一个在英...

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