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欢迎提问 用英语怎么说? welcome question?

Questions are invited欢迎提问双语例句:Journalists also were invited to send questions and a few of the entries are labeled with the names of European and Asian newspapers.

1. 首先论文答辩结束时一般都是说感谢你的聆听,接着才说有没有问题.所以,结尾时先说thank you for your attention. 然后可以问is there any question?2. 答辩的时候可以不说这些,你论文里可以写出来,比如感谢谁帮助了你的论文撰写等等.

英语是welcome,比如欢迎来北京, welcome to beijing.

欢迎[huān yíng] 词典 welcome; greet; favourably [well] receive; aloha; ave interj

翻译如下:提问 ask question例句:最后你会有提问的机会.You will have the chance to ask questions at the end.

welcome ['welkm] n. 欢迎, 欢迎词 a. 受欢迎的, 可随意的, 可喜的 vt. 欢迎, 接待 interj. 欢迎

欢迎光临_有道词典欢迎光临welcome;welcome to 更多释义>>[网络短语]欢迎光临 Welcome;Step In;Welcome aboard欢迎光临本公司 welcome to our company;TOP LIGHTING欢迎光临日本 Yokoso.Japan详细用法>>

ask a question 谢谢采纳

欢迎光临 Welcome 欢迎光临 Welcome

只有由普通名词组成的专有名词前才加the,如the Great Wall,the West Lake祈使句中动词要用原型 Someone help me!

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