if something that we have to let it go, then just hope that it can go its own way with happiness.

1. I'm tired today. 2. Lily loves singing, dancing and doing word puzzles. 3. “Merry Christmas!” Tam said to me, sending me a pretty present.

My old sister lives inMinnesota.Dear sister,long time no connect,how are you?We are fine.Time is fast.My daughter is also two yeas old.Hope you can give me some pictures or videos of your family.At last, I wish you luck and peace.

Everyone has their own dreams, pursue, so, I want to go to the school palau realize my dreams, my pursuit, I believe there will let me from ignorant becomes calm, but still think life full of curiosity.The value and significance of the study in high quality

Some classmates said that the (oral) English I said was American English.

Hello, I 8086253697 order number already pay successfully, why always cannot receive confirmation E-mail! A: when can I order is confirmed delivery thank!

1.hold on guy! 2.come on,keep doing it. 3.they make up my everyday of my life.

My cousin Ming, do you go back home?When are you going to Australia?This year I will go to college to study,so helpless.Chat with you again next time.

The man to help me to translate the English? Request is American English! Don't understand don't disorderly translation thank you I think I have been living in the world of the adults in my life is so cruel and terrible even have the shadow. I can't like

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